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Personalized learning on your schedule

We are a locally-owned private tutoring center that works with students across all subject areas to provide additional academic support. 

Cultivating is key. One-on-one tutoring sessions are designed for your child’s unique learning needs. Tackle Advocacy uses school records provided by parents as well as conducting additional educational testing to determine the specific individual learning needs of each student. Goals are set for each tutoring session to help students who have fallen behind or need additional support to better succeed in school. Tutors use a variety of modalities to deliver key information to ensure your child has a strong understanding of the skills presented.

Our Tutoring Services

  • General Academic Support for Elementary Students
  • General Homework Support for K-12
  • Social Skills Training
  • Literacy Skills
    • Writing
    • Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension
  • Math Skills
    • Math 1
    • Math 2
    • Math 3
  • Foreign Language
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Latin
  • Sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Environmental Science
    • Anatomy
  • Executive Functioning Skills
    • Organization
    • Time Management
    • Note Taking
    • Test-Taking Strategies

Flexible Scheduling

Tutors will meet with students in their homes, a chosen location, online or at the Tackle Advocacy office. Our goal is to work around your child’s schedule and make this process as seamless as possible.


Tutoring Rate (includes weekly report emailed): $55 per hour, $30 per half hour

Tutoring Packages: Progress reports are emailed home weekly so parents stay informed as to how their children are doing.

  • 24 hours of individualized tutoring ($960)
  • 18 hours of individualized tutoring ($810)
  • 12 hours of individualized tutoring ($600)

Tutoring Plan: Review of school records, evaluations and parent/student interview in order to create an individualized tutoring plan – $75 

Attending Parent/Teacher Conferences: $80 per hour

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