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Tackle Advocacy Is Always Your Child’s Special Education Advocate

Helping students thrive in school is our passion. Our main job is to lend support and expertise to parents as they navigate the often confusing world of special education. All children deserve a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and we will help ensure your child’s needs are being met.

What is an Educational Advocate?

The world of special education is filled with acronyms, paperwork and a service delivery continuum that can be confusing to parents. Special Education Advocates are professionals that help parents navigate this often confusing and emotional process. Advocates are not attorneys but their knowledge of special education laws and procedures can help parents better understand their child’s individual rights. Their expertise and support can be vital to parents as they make important educational decisions for their children.

Why do you need an Educational Advocate?

Many feel it takes a village to raise a child. Parents that have a child experiencing difficulties in school need a support system. An educational advocate is that level of support many parents need. It can be overwhelming to walk into a meeting comprised of multiple school professionals who are sharing copious amounts of information. An advocate goes to these meetings with you as your ally, helping you understand the information being disseminated and offers advice and support as you work with the TEAM to make critical decisions about your child’s education.

A Comprehensive Approach to Help Your Child Succeed

We create a strategy that fits your child’s unique needs, ensuring they receive the instruction and learning environment that is just right for them.

Supporting Your Child's Educational Needs
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