Education Advocacy with Annie B Trent Educational Advocacy

Defending your child’s education is a partnership

To be clear, we have one aim — one obligation — to partner with you to provide support for your student’s educational needs. To further the individual educational needs of your child, we provide services that provide support at home and at school.

Every child is unique and therefore Tackle Advocacy’s services are designed around each child and their needs.

Services Include

  • Review of student educational records
  • Attendance at parent/teacher conferences
  • Attendance at IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings
  • Attendance at Section 504 meetings
  • Attendance at FBA (Functional Behavior Analysis) and BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) meetings
  • Help with review of accommodations and modifications
  • Letter writing to your child’s teachers, administrators or school district
  • Research of additional resources available to your child’s unique learning needs
  • Facilitate parent workshops (SMART Goals, IEP 101, Difference between Accommodations and Modifications)

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