Keep up the momentum year round.

Tackle Advocacy offers multiple summer programs to keep your child engaged and learning year round.

College Admissions Essay Camp

In the world of competitive college admissions, students must do everything they can to set themselves apart in their application and one of the most important deciding factors of an outstanding application is the essay.  In this intensive workshop, students will learn about the admissions process as a whole, gain in-depth knowledge on how to craft an engaging and personal essay, and develop skills to tackle numerous supplemental questions.  Students will also write their essay and receive one-on-one feedback from an admissions essay specialist. 
Cost for this camp is $295.

Week of August 9th, Monday through Friday

Becoming a Better Writer – A Crash Course

In this intensive writing course, students will explore essential elements of the writing process and how they can incorporate those elements into their academic writing. Students will develop valuable insight into brainstorming, thesis formation, organization, and revision. Boost your writing confidence and start the school year off right!
Cost for this camp is $150.

Why should students work with a writing specialist?
Writing is, hands down, the most important skill for students in advanced courses and making the transition into college.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges in learning to write is the limitation of the classroom.  Students need personalized insight and in-depth feedback in order to flourish. By working with a dedicated writing specialist, students can develop a foundation for using writing as a vehicle for thinking, and they can improve their reading comprehension, analysis, and organization. 

Week of August 9th, Monday through Friday
9:00 – 12:00

About the Co-Instructor: Tammy D. Alt, M.Ed., has over 25 years’ experience in education. She earned her Master’s in Education from the University of South Carolina and has worked in secondary and  higher education for the entirety of her career. From 2013 to 2017 Tammy served as a Dean of Students and Greensboro Day School and from 2017-2020 Tammy served as the Director of College Counseling at GDS. Tammy has worked with hundreds of students on their college applications and accompanying essays. Students of Tammy’s have attended Yale, Duke, Stanford, UNC and UVA in addition to students who have attended wonderful lesser-known schools such as St. Olaf College in Minnesota, Middlebury College in Vermont, Kenyon College in Ohio, and Berry College in Georgia. Tammy is excited to utilize her experience in college counseling and collegiate admissions to help workshop participants  write their best essay and better understand the entire college admissions process.