Grade-Level Assessments

Is your child prepared at their grade level or will they be ready to advance in the fall? Stop the COVID slide with a grade-level assessment to see where your child is struggling and excelling. The Tackle Advocacy Three-Pronged Approach is designed to help your child succeed:



Tackle Advocacy offers Academic testing to determine where your child stands after months of virtual learning as well as have a snapshot of how your child learns to help drive future educational decisions. Parents will receive a detailed report.


Tackle Advocacy is offering tutoring for children in preschool through 12th grade in our learning center or virtually.


Because learning throughout the summer is encouraged, Tackle Advocacy offers additional summer opportunities.

Evaluations for Clearer Answers

Illumii in partnership with Tackle Advocacy will offer the following services in Greensboro. Contact Illumii for an appointment. Learn more about Illumii, here.

Assessments & Evaluations through Illumii will be conducted in Greensboro at:
101 South Elm, Suite 12
Greensboro, NC 27401

Autism Evaluations – $1,450 – $2,220  (Ages 6 – Adult)

Our team of evaluators works together to determine if a child, adolescent, or adult meets diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. These evaluations can also include cognitive and achievement testing for a comprehensive learning and behavioral profile. 

Services at this Location Include:

Learning Disabilities Evaluations
ADHD Evaluations
Academic Achievement Testing
Psychoeducational Evaluations
Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations
Gifted Evaluations

Contact Illumii to make an appointment for these services in Greensboro:

Call: 336-893-9018
Email: info@illumii.co
Or Click to Schedule an Initial Call